Why I homeschool

People often ask why I chose to homeschool our 6 year old daughter. This week we conclude Kindergarten. It’s a good time to answer that question.

I homeschool because I can.

It’s a simple yet powerful reason. All of us who live in this great country have the freedom to choose how we educate our children. We are all blessed with the privilege of having options: public school, charter school, private school… homeschool.
I’m glad I don’t live in Germany, Greece or Sweden whose governments deem parents unfit to take on the task of teaching their own children and where homeschooling is illegal. Even in France where I was born and where homeschooling is legal, it is very uncommon.
I live in the United States where it is legal and common… So I homeschool.

I homeschool because we travel a lot.

My husband and I teach seminars all over the world. Last year we were away from home for a total of 16 weeks. We enjoyed a nine week world tour in Spring stopping in Paris, Reunion Island, Italy, Portugal, New York and Cincinnati. We traveled to Japan in the Fall and we were in Los Angeles in Winter. If our daughter was in “regular” school, we couldn’t pick up and go at will.
I want to explore the world as a family… So I homeschool.

I homeschool because my first language is French.

It is important to me that our daughter be fluent in speaking, reading and writing French. If I sent her to school for the bigger part of the day every day I know English would take over. I’ve seen it happen. It wouldn’t be impossible but harder to keep French as our primary language.
I want our daughter to be bilingual… So I homeschool.

I homeschool because I’m lazy.

I don’t want to wake up early every morning. I had my share of that when she was an infant. Now that she sleeps well and more importantly, she lets ME sleep in every morning, I have no desire to change our laid back rhythm. I don’t want to race through breakfast. I don’t want to fight my way through traffic.
I want to determine my own schedule… So I homeschool.

I homeschool because I’m cheap.

Hawaii’s public schools rank consistently in the bottom 10%. Sending her to school would mean enrolling her in private school . The average tuition cost for 2015 was $10,634. I just can’t bear to spend that much money. I’d rather invest it on us: on good books, board games, trips.
I can spend less and teach her exactly what I want… So I homeschool.

I homeschool because I don’t want to go to jail.

Hear me out here. I am strong willed, a bit hot tempered and very independent. A school official once told a friend of mine that she wasn’t allowed to drive her own son to a school play because “during school hours her child was school property”. I know myself. If someone ever told ME that, I’d have a hard time staying calm. In the heat of the moment, I could do something regrettable.
I don’t want to get arrested for punching a school official… So I homeschool.

I homeschool because I want my kid to be UNsocialized. Just kidding 🙂

Lack of socialization is still the main argument against homeschooling and I just don’t get it. My daughter is one of the most sociable child I know. She’s in contact with people EVERY day. She has great conversations with adults who are often amazed. She gets along with kids of all ages.
I know my child doesn’t need school for socialization… So I homeschool.

People assume I must be really patient. On the contrary, patience is not a strength I was born with. Yet I can’t wait until I am who I need to be- perfectly- to attempt what is worthwhile.

How do I do it? I read books. I ask other moms who’ve homeschooled before me or are homeschooling alongside me. Google is never far. As in other areas of parenting, I learn by trial & error. When there is a will there is a way.

Homeschooling is not right for everyone but it is a great fit for us. We’ve been enjoying our first year and are looking forward to going all the way to graduation.

I have the right to, the desire to and the resources to… So I homeschool 😉

How did you choose to school your child? What are the pros and cons? Share in the comment section below.

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3 thoughts on “Why I homeschool

  1. What Burton says is true. No doubt.
    But, I suspect him to have a biased opinion, he clearly worships his wife-mother of his child, and he is worshipped too. 😉
    If homeschooling works for the three of you, great! It doesn’t matter if people make comments or ask questions …. at the end of the day, people who don’t take the standard traditional ways, feel more free than the other people.
    Let’s be free and find our own paths. Freedom sometimes have a cost.
    Take care, the three of you.

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