On turning 40 years old

One more week to the big 4.0.
I am grateful to have yet another birthday to celebrate. I am so proud of who I am right now at 39. From where I stand, 40 looks great. Never in a million years would 20 year old me have imagined this version of herself. I am not just twice her age. I am twice the woman she was and so much more than she ever dreamed of being. I read. I learned. I applied. I tried. I failed and tried again. I researched. I read again. I looked inside myself and went to work. I read some more. I am still not perfect. But where perfection was the goal in my twenties, two decades later, I delight in my imperfection. I celebrate progress. I go for improvement. Perfect is forever more out of the picture. How liberating.
Freedom is my birthday gift!

I revel in my womanhood. I finally love my 5’3″ body the way it is and have stopped wishing for the long and lean legs of a super model. I am confident in my style. I respect my own intelligence. I’ve created a life of my own design in America, the greatest country on Earth. (I’ve lived in a few and visited many more so trust me on this one). I delight in an 18 year marriage that is still thriving and we are raising a wonderful daughter in our terms.
Happiness is my birthday gift!

I want 40 and beyond to see me extend towards my full potential.
I want to conquer the fears that still hold me back sometimes.
I want to allow myself to go for BIG dreams AND remember to appreciate all the small blessings of life: the blue sky, the warm breeze, and yes the rainy days too.

What kind of 40 year old will I be?
This, today more than ever, I know, I get to decide. Even though Life calls most of the shots, I decide whether to run after the ball and play the game, stand still and do nothing or worse yet, let it hit me and take me down.
And boy, do I want to play!

Happy Birthday to me!
See you at the Game 😉

How did you feel when your turned 40? How do you hope it will be if you’re not there yet? Share in the comment section below.

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