A love letter to my husband

When I said “I do”I had the naive dreams, hopes and expectations of a girl who’d just left her teenage years behind. Never did it cross that girl’s mind that, one day, she’d see you throw up green vomit or that she would- gladly- wipe up poop sprays as you two would struggle together to change your ostomy bag for the first time.
That girl would not have believed that she could love you as fiercely as she will when she’ll hold your weakened body freshly recovered from multiple surgeries. That girl didn’t know she’d stay up into the wee hours to administer your IVs or that she’d have so many discussions about bowel movements. Nor did she imagine how blissful it would feel as you two swim under a tropical waterfall, climb the great pyramids or cuddle with baby lions. And she absolutely could not have pictured a day more beautiful as when she’d give birth to your daughter.

That girl has grown.

You and I have been through much together. I left my country with 300$ in my wallet and a heart filled with the dreamy love of a 21 year old kid. Both the money and the love have multiplied many folds.
We’ve had our share of tears, arguments and suffering yet we remained steadfast, never wavered and such great happiness has been our reward.

That girl picked a good man and the woman she became is blessed to spend her life with him.

The day we got married was not the best day of my life. It was the first of many best days, each better than the previous. Our story started like the kind of big sweeping love you see in movies but we’ve also experienced a good share of mundane. We’ve had great adventures and we’ve had dull moments. We’ve been each other’s greatest supporter. We’ve been mad at each other too. More than once.
Yet here we are 18 years later and counting. Not just standing. Stronger than ever. And we know now with certitude, whatever comes our way- and I mean WHATEVER- it will still be You and Me. Always.
We’re going to add adventures and we may even have a few more arguments.
Through it all, our Love will keep growing, and keep getting stronger. Until one day we won’t know where I start and where you do.
You are part of me forever more.

That girl couldn’t imagine it then, but I see it so clearly now and I wouldn’t want it any other way.
Here’s to us! To what we’ve been through and to what we cannot yet imagine.
So long as we are together.

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