Beware of the Munchy Monster

Guess how many nights I went to sleep by 10 pm this past week?
None! That’s right! NONE!

Once my daughter is in bed, I tidy up the house. Then it’s ME time and I want to do it all: I want to watch a TV show and relax. I want to read a book and relax. I want to surf the internet and relax. I want. I want. I want. And all the while what IS the best way to relax? SLEEP! Duh! I am a smart woman. I swear!

The benefits of going to bed early are multiple and it really boggles my mind that I resist it so much. Ah the lure of instant gratification. Why think about tomorrow when right now feels so good? It’s complex human psychology yet such simple mathematics. I just need to put two and two together.

If I go to sleep early, I am less likely to make the wrong food choices. The Munchy Monster wakes up at about 10 pm around here. I must do as Cinderella and be in bed by the last stroke of the bell. If I don’t, I’ll transform into a stomach walking on legs. If the monster awakens, it will grouch, grumble and growl. At that late hour, it does not feast on broccoli stir fry. It demands waffles, chocolate sauce…whipped cream.  It requires cookies, ice cream… whipped cream. It is not discerning as long as it gets sugar. Whipped cream calms the beast best.
Going to bed early, while my brain still functions and my willpower still exists, keeps me closer to my goal of staying healthy, trim and fit. Staying up late, doesn’t. End of story.

If I go to sleep early, it’s easy to wake up early in the morning. I can actually get the amount of sleep my body needs to function at optimal levels. I can indulge in my morning ritual. It is simple. First I drink lots of water. That habit alone has done wonders for my well being. Then I write morning pages, a sort of uncensored mind dump that enhances clarity and creativity.  I read my affirmations. I meditate on my life. I determine who I want to be that day. An hour of quiet time and my day is already a success. I have fed my soul.
Going to bed early is an investment in my immediate future. That hour of quiet time I claim the next morning pays great dividends into my life. It’s good for me. End of story.

If I go to sleep early, my body is rested, my brain is refreshed, my emotions are even. My skin looks gorgeous too! There is no cheaper beauty treatment.
If I go to sleep early, I have energy to exercise. And that only begets more energy.
The ripple affects all areas of my life.
I am a more loving wife.
I am a kinder mother.
I am a more efficient business manager
I can ride the minor annoyances of daily life instead of letting them sink me.
Oh and I like myself better. Big win!

Sleep gives me the energy to accomplish my goals.
Sleep helps me fulfill my purpose.
Sleep opens the door to a world of wonders.
A world filled with smiles instead of frowns
A world filled with calm instead of anger.
A world where all Munchy Monsters slumber peacefully.
A world where Broccoli tastes (almost) as delicious as whipped cream. 😉

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