The alchemist within

The key to happiness is the acceptance of now. We can learn from the past and plan; we can hope for the future and dream but if we don’t choose to be content with our present, we can never be happy.

Regardless of what our circumstances are, happiness is our choice.

We don’t have to walk miles to fetch water.
We don’t have to worry about where our next meal is coming from.
We have cars, fridges and the internet.
Isn’t that reason enough to get down on our knees with gratitude?
Isn’t that reason enough to let a thankful smile illuminate our face?
Isn’t that reason enough to feel the warmth of contentment fill every nook and cranny of our heart, body and soul?

We can always find cause to simmer up a storm of clouds in our head or we can focus on the silver lining.

“Alchemy was an art based partly upon experimentation and partly upon magic”.
The alchemy of life lies in this simple truth: our mind is a potent magician. It will transform our outer world, based upon our perception of it.

Maybe life is only meant as a journey of inner discovery. The gold pot is not at the end of the rainbow… It’s somewhere within…

Our purpose ought not be reduced to only improve our worldly condition; chasing after the bigger car, house or bank account cannot be the end all.
Our journey ought to primarily focus on seeking to transform our inner landscape: if we don’t weed the garden, the seeds’ growth will be stunted; whatever few blooms make it, will stay concealed.

We ought to not only change our circumstances but ourselves.

There is always “What could be”  to compete with “What is”.
There is always someone better off.
Guess what?
There is always someone less fortunate too…
I hear some of you contest: “Yes…But!…”
Drop the “But”. Stay with the “Yes”.

Yes is liberating.
Yes is your connection to gratitude.
Yes is you choosing to look at the world with your heart and see all that is good right now.

But is limiting.
But clouds up everything.
But engulfs all that is true, good and beautiful in the toxic fog of discontentment.

The good still exists but, hidden by our dissatisfaction and bitterness, it is unrecognizable and remains beyond our reach. Yet there it lies for the taking… If only we are willing…
Willing to put down our load of Buts, What ifs and If onlys
Willing to let go of our burden of doubts and worries.
Willing to open both arms and reach out for Joy.

Goal setting is a valuable tool. Planning is often necessary.
Both are useless if we have made complaining a habit.
Both are useless if we fail to rejoice.
What is the point of reaching a goal if we won’t savor the victory?
What is the point of having anything if we only give our full attention to what’s lacking?

For so many of us, the destination we seek is a mirage, ever farther, ever beyond our reach.
What we are looking for “out there” is in fact…

right here……right now.

“Alchemy is part experimentation and part magic.”
The magic formula only comprises two words: Thank you.
Say them often and watch the metamorphosis unfold.
Even the bleakest of landscapes will take on the brilliance of gold.

What better way to celebrate Mother’s day than to fill our hearts with gratitude!
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One thought on “The alchemist within

  1. My favorite line:
    “What is the point of having anything if we only give our full attention to what’s lacking?”
    Wise words. You are magical.

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