Sick day? Fun day? Or both?

A rainy day and the house to myself, a sore throat has never felt better. Here is something I wouldn’t have known before becoming a mother: being sick can be fun.

Pre-kid, feeling ill meant lower energy. Lower energy meant staying home to rest. Staying home meant that nothing would get done. A day wasted in bed. Bummer!

Post kid, feeling ill also means lower energy. Lower energy means staying home to rest. Staying home means nothing is going to get done. A day relished in bed. Yippie!

 As I’ve said before: perspective is everything.

The first time I experienced this blessing in disguise was when my daughter was just a few weeks old. I had been waking up every 2-3 hours 24 hours/day since she was born. I was so exhausted, I had trouble falling asleep. It was actually starting to worry me. I’d lie awake for so long, it would soon be time to nurse the little sucker again and I wasn’t getting any rest.

Then, of course, I became sick. Sneezing. Stuffy nose. I had to move to the living room and sleep on the couch to keep my head elevated and relieve the sinus pressure. My husband urged me to get some rest and assured me he would listen for the baby and bring her to me when she woke up. I was run down. I had a fever. I could barely breathe through the congestion and yet, for the first time in what seemed like forever, I slept a deep restful wonderful sleep. I didn’t have to be on alert mode. I didn’t have to keep my ears and one eye open, at the ready for my unpredictable infant girl. My body finally was able to get the rest it so sorely needed. That was such a good night, I still remember it six years later.

Fast forward a few years when being sick gave me respite once again. My in-laws were visiting for a few weeks. And much as I love my husband’s family, having company for an extended period can be taxing: what with the extra cooking, cleaning, and talking it requires. Catching a cold was my free ticket to a day’s retreat in my bedroom. My husband enjoyed quality time with his parents. My daughter enjoyed being spoiled by her grandparents. And I enjoyed binge watching an entire season of Drop Dead Diva in the privacy of my own bed. Had I been well, that behavior would have been considered anti-social and rude but with a box of Kleenex and a jar of Vicks by my side all was copacetic.

Here I am now with a sore throat that started two days ago. Uncomfortable but not unbearable.

Just sick enough to claim a ninety minute nap yesterday afternoon.
Just sick enough to excuse myself from reading yet another picture book because “mommy needs to rest her vocal cords right now.”
Just sick enough that I have to stay home because it wouldn’t be considerate to spread my germs. And so you see how I was justified to send my daughter to her Violin class with Dad this morning. After all Mommy’s sick and needs to indulge rest.

So far I’ve had a nice breakfast of hot chamomile tea with honey (remember I do have a sore throat) and chocolate croissants (I read somewhere chocolate is medicine…).

I am not faking it but clearly I am milking it a bit. When you have a job that requires your body, heart and soul 24/7, you take the breaks in whatever form they come. You learn to look for the silver linings in everything.

For a homeschooling work at home mom, alone time in bed under my soft Sherpa blanket with my Ipad and a good book nearby, despite the stuffy nose and achy body, that’s better than silver: That’s gold!

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