Peace to the world

I spend a great deal of time and mental energy trying to make sense of the mystery of life.
In a moment of infinite clarity, it finally came to me.

There is no making sense of life.
There is only living it.

Life is not as complicated as we think.
It is magnificently simple.

Be good. Be kind. Be grateful.
Love. Love deeply. Love now.
Yesterday and Tomorrow are merely shadows.
Today is.
Each moment, a precious gift bestowed upon us.

All this time I’ve fretted senselessly.
Looking for something out there that could only be found inside me.
Peace is not something to attain, acquire, or achieve.
We are born with it.
Peace is there, within ourselves, waiting for us to shine a light on it.
We don’t need to explicate pain so long as we’re willing to extend the gentle touch or the kind word that can heal it.

All this time I searched for answers in my head and found them instead in my heart, etched in golden letters:

Be grateful. Be kind. Be good.

Use your God-given talents to make yourself and the world better.
Love. Love deeply. Love now.

“You are the light of the world.” (Matthew 5:14)
Let it shine brightly.

May each and everyone of you uncover the peace within.

Merry Christmas!

Photo of author's daughter with Santa

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