On a planet not so far away

Yesterday, our daughter went to Sea Life Park with our neighbors. It was her first time going away for the better part of the day without us. She was excited. So were we.

As my husband and I enjoyed some quiet time at home together, we marveled at how fast our daughter is growing up. I wondered if our first year as parents would have been drastically different, if I had known that, five years later, we’d be laying in bed in the middle of the day, alone, while our daughter was having a blast with her friend feeding turtles?

The answer is a resounding yes. But as my husband pointed out, we completely lacked perspective then and because of that life was harder.

When you are in the thick of caring for an infant, waking up every two hours day or night, it’s difficult to imagine that life will ever be different. I really thought those first few months were my new normal forever. I was certain that I would never have a full night sleep again.

I was wrong yet too tired to know it.

If you are in the thick of new parenthood, let me give you a bit of perspective and hopefully save you some heartache.

We’re only six years ahead, yet we might as well be on another planet and this is what life looks like there.

On our planet, children fall asleep on their own. There’s bathtime (or if you’re in our house shower time). There’s teeth brushing time (and sooner than you think they do that on their own too). There’s story time. Then you just make sure Tiger, Bunny, Doggy and the other half of the stuffed menagerie are at their posts. You fill up the water bottle. You turn off the main light, turn on the night light and leave the room with a blown kiss and an I love you. Moments later, when you walk past the bedroom the kid’s asleep and chances are high she’ll sleep through the night and so will you. Really.

Now, I won’t lie, that one requires rigorous training and regular tune ups as well. But more often than not, that is our reality now. A very big difference from the days of nursing until you feel sucked dry, rocking until you can’t feel your arms any more and enduring the crying and screaming until it’s very likely your head will explode. Going to sleep is not something babies consider a priority. Go figure!

On our planet, mommies get to sleep in again. Now, let’s be honest, that means getting up at around 8 am at the latest and definitely not everyday. Still for someone who woke up at 5 am for the first couple of years, 8 am sometimes, is a major improvement. My daughter is still an early riser, ready for the day at around 6.30 am but we’ve trained her to occupy herself (screen free) until we leave our own room. The training took some effort but the return on investment is huge. We get an extra hour to ourselves each morning. Sometimes I use it to sleep, sometimes I use it for some much needed alone time.

On our planet, children don’t scream in their car seat. You can travel all day long (because well on our planet, children don’t nap either- yeah our planet is not perfect). You can make multiple stops at multiple stores with nothing melting down, besides the butter if it’s a really hot day. I know some people on your planet are blessed with babies who are lulled by the car and sleep in their car seat. My child wasn’t one of those babies. So moving to that new planet really was life changing.

On our planet, children go to the bathroom on their own. The “Mommy I need to potty” cries will only require a cheerful “make sure to wipe well and wash your hands after”. I know it sounds too good to be true, but it is true.

I’ve heard of another planet where mommies get to go the bathroom on their own too but I am not a regular on that planet yet.

On our planet, mommies can claim some time off. This looks different depending on each family’s circumstances. I was able to enjoy some sporadically from the time my daughter was about three years old. But as of this year (she’s six), I’ve made it a weekly practice. Every Wednesday, I leave before lunch and come back just before dinner time. And although it is not her favorite day of the week, she doesn’t kick and scream as I step out of the door and that feels out of this world great!

On our planet mommies read books. They have the time to read but, more importantly, they have the energy to. I finished reading The Husband’s Secret by Liane Moriarty, in one day not long ago. (See mommy day off above). Yeah. That was nice.

On our planet, mommies get to shower, eat a warm meal and take a nap all in the same day. I’m not even kidding!

I know you want to buy tickets and move in right now. Sadly, no tickets are available for purchase. Getting to that planet requires a slow, arduous journey. You just take it day by day. Sometimes, minute by minute. But rest assured your reservations were made the day your child was born.

Being a new parent is hard. Even if you have one of those easy babies (I hear they exist), parenting is not easy, especially not at the beginning. But don’t despair.

Just do your best now. Enjoy it as much you can and on the days you can’t, well, have a good cry and hang on to the belief that it WILL get better.

That other planet is not as far away as you may think.

See you there!

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  1. Another pleasant post to read. Thank you. I enjoyed the humour too. And I know what you mean.
    I miss Burton’s comments though: I know they are not supposed to be funny, but he’s so in love with you, he always has the knack to make short comments that make me smile.

    Read you soon

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