A letter to Tom Cruise

Sarah Badat Richardson on the cover of Visu magazine Reunion Island 1996Dear Tom Cruise,

 I’m not a fan.

By that I do not mean that I don’t like you. I just mean that should I see you somewhere tomorrow, I wouldn’t wave or scream or make a scene or even ask you for your autograph. That’s not my style.
You’re just a person.
Different life. Different path. Different reality.
Same species. A human like me. With feelings and dreams, and regrets maybe…

I had my own two minutes of fame when I worked as a TV hostess for the local station in Reunion Island where I was born and raised. I experienced the people who point and whisper… Me no longer one of them. More somehow because I appeared on their screen every Saturday night…Weird.1997-08_visu-magazine_sarah-badat-richardson1997-11_telemag_sarah-badat-richardson

I’m not a fan but meeting you is on my bucket list. Just below having a book published and above going to Bora Bora. I can’t even explain why you got there.
I realize it is very unlikely that we will meet. But not impossible. So few things are impossible.

 I’m not interested in saying a quick hello or taking a photo with you to share with the world. That’s what fans do and I am not a fan. My husband will tell you I have high expectations in everything. I’d like to have a conversation with you. I’d like to know you. A little. As it is now I only know your image. And that image intrigues me.

 I have so many questions I’d like to ask you. Why you? I can’t rationally explain that. I am fascinated by your life’s journey. By your skill as an actor. Anyone who’s ever worked with you praises your work ethic (Youtube makes it appear so). Hollywood has the reputation of being ruthless yet you have not only survived but thrived in that jungle. You wouldn’t have made it so far and for so long if you weren’t special. Talent only goes so far. For anyone.

 I am curious about hearing your truth about scientology. Regardless of what people say about it (and I know very little myself), it’s been a great influence on your life, on you and I’d love to hear your version- no edits, no cuts.

I’m puzzled about your three failed marriages. You don’t seem to be the Casanova type. You seem to thrive best with one person to love yet a forever lasting relationship has eluded you so far. (forgive me for making wild assumptions since I don’t actually know you)

Sarah Badat Richardson and Burton Richardson on the cover of Visu magazine Reunion Island 1998

I have been married 18 years. Happily about 16. (It took us the first two to work out major kinks). It’s quite an amazing process to grow old together. To do life. All of it. Sacred. Mundane. Boring. Adventurous. The big trips around the world. Giving birth. The laughing and the crying. The quirks (like wanting to meet Tom Cruise). The knowing that “until death do us part” is true for us and praying to not be the one who stays behind.

And you, who has so much, you don’t have that.

Somehow, there is much I’d like to tell you. Much I’d like to hear you tell me.
What is your biggest regret?
What is your greatest aspiration?
Are you happy?

Dear Tom Cruise,

Since I may never get to meet you, the next best thing was to write you a letter.
Very unlikely that you’ll read it. Not impossible. So few things are impossible.

Thank you for sharing your talent with the world. Thank you for all the characters you’ve played. Thank you for the laughs and the tears and all the emotions in between. I hope you’ll keep on running in movies for another long while.

And one day if (when?) we meet, maybe we will take a photo together after all…

…but only if you ask 🙂


Not a fan- Sarah Badat Richardson

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